Choose Life

2020 was a strange and uncomfortable year.  It was the year I plucked the courage to leave a comfortable decade-long career in government service to embark on a path that doesn’t have a clear road map. Those who know me would say it’s not strange (albeit overdue). But the timing definitely is. I tendered my … Continue reading Choose Life


One of the hardest four-letter words for me. And I suspect, for most of us. Temperament aside, given a choice, I’m quite sure the most patient soul out there would probably not enjoy waiting too. An online dictionary reference defines wait as to “stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or … Continue reading Wait…

Be your own cheerleader

Uncertainties on the job front in the current COVID-19 environment can make us question our worth amid a climate where everyone is talking about the need to re-skill, re-train, and upgrade to make ourselves relevant. Don’t know about you. But the call to make ourselves relevant – while critical – sometimes has the reverse effect … Continue reading Be your own cheerleader

Leadership starts from the small things

What makes a good leader? Depending on the school of thought you subscribe to, some attribute good leadership to certain personalities/traits that individuals possess; others subscribe to the view that possession (or the lack of) certain skill sets makes/breaks a leader. Recently, I was exposed to another view that attributes good leadership to the circumstances … Continue reading Leadership starts from the small things


Recently I stumbled across the book titled “Boundaries” by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. What befuddles me is, even though the concept is one I gravitated almost immediately to, it is probably the first time I am introduced to the language for it. Used to call it “space”, “me-time” which in hindsight are words which … Continue reading Boundaries


All my life, I had been making choices by the process of elimination. On one hand, it is a privileged position as it means I have alternatives. On the other, it also means I might not have known what I really wanted. Only came to this realisation a few years ago when I was confronted … Continue reading Choices


Since my last post, I have been asked very practical questions like “how do I know when I should be making a change” and “how do I distinguish what I should be making a change to”. Very basic questions answers to which are anything but straight-forward. All my life I have been making what to … Continue reading Timing